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HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager

Hetero<strong>Genius</strong> Products

HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager (aka "MIM") is a modular system. In addition to the free and paid for core systems (see here for a comparison of features), there are a number of available add-on modules that are currently available, and many more in the pipeline.

  • 3D Pathology - stack serial sections to form a three dimensional data set correcting for sample deformation and colour variation.
  • Multi-stain alignment align serial sections stained with multiple stains including 3D stacks. Any number of stain combinations are supported.
  • Pathology:Radiology Correlation align single, or multiple stacked, virtual slides to radiology data in DICOM or other standard formats.
  • Cell Analysis detect and classify cells in whole slides and summarise statistics visually for whole slides and local sub-regions..
  • Deep Learning automatically annotate and/or quantify tissue type at high resolution based on appearance learned from annotated examples.
  • Tissue Micro Array Analysis automatically annotate and label TMA cores.